Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My God, It was a day of too much noise in the head....i mean it was so difficult to sit in the office and my mind was scolding me for sitting there. Sometimes we just keep on doing things which are not meant for us but since we are so much in hold of money,habits etc that we just not ready to take a jump. Some or the other things though might seem very reasonable and logical but they keeps us stick on to such situations. And MIND asking "what next"...
I have to be with myself all day making me understand that this too shall pass..few more months then i would take a jump.. I was in pain and wanted to be just at home doing nothing, and to an extent thinking nothing. But it was not possible or you can say i didn't have gutts to just ignore the factors involved kept me there in office all day, though by end of day felt little relaxed as day was coming to an end.
Life has come to a phase where i do not understand whether life is taking me and i am taking my life..It's so sad that though at some stage i chose to be where i wanted to be but i don't see any point in anything..."THIS TOO SHALL PASS" but would i reach somewhere, where i am contented!!

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