Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just as it is

This is something new for me to start writing. I have always thought that i can write well and it was just a matter of first step towards it and here i am writing....

Well, i have always not liked my mind being so weird and not knowing what to do. Sometimes it seems all the options otherwise are either open or i am too scared to just even look at them even once.

One step forward and two steps back, it has always kept me at the same place all my life in all dimensions whether materialistically or spiritually. Ah! you must be thinking "Is she doing something to keep her self in tune with existence or something" and the answer is I don't know. All is in mind and practically the more I think or do, I  see myself standing in crowd and trying to look at the front to make myself realize if i can be at the stage of at least knowing what i am doing with my life..

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